JT and JB call it quits?

According to US Weekly, Justin and Jessica have broken up after being together for three years.  It has supposedly been rocky but there were never very many reports that they might call it quits.  Could Justin possibly be continuing a pattern that he seems to be making with his love life?  He was with Brit for 4 years, Cameron for 4, and then Jessica for just under 3.  He’s seems to be the biggest playboy of the serial monogamists. However, according to People magazine, the couple is still together but going through a rough patch.  Last Monday night they were seen together holding hands but they don’t seem to look too happy.  Plus Jessica didn’t accompany Justin to the Emmy Awards.  It seems that there is definitely trouble in paradise but who knows how much.  Well one thing we’ve seen from most Hollywood breakups is that the women bounce back looking hotter and sexier than ever.  If the two decided to call it quits, I can’t wait to see Jessica bounce back!!


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